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Table cluttered with cups of coffee, juice, crumpled papers, laptop, notebook, and pens

The Best Coffee Shops for a Solo Cram Session

Ever wondered why coffee shops are such great study spaces? A study from the “New York Times” says the hum of small, ongoing distractions helps you tune out better and focus on the task at hand. You’re probably looking for cool, new study spots of your own now that the new semester is beginning. Here are a few coffee shops around town you might not have tried yet.

Bucer’s Coffee House Pub

You could spend all day at Bucer’s Coffee House Pub. Get here early in the morning and start with your caffeine fix and a burrito. Grab a seat on the patio before the weather turns, and spend the day with your books in bliss. Stay until it gets dark to enjoy live music from local artists.

Café Artista

This coffee shop is full of bookshelves and two-people seating so you don’t have to feel bad about taking up space. Café Artista is for the serious studiers who only need a cup of coffee to tackle the fat stack of material that needs to be read by Monday. However, the shop also offers a walk-up window, so you can still access their top-rated cup of joe when you’re not buried in studying to-dos.

Le Petit Café Fleuri

It’s easy to get caught up in the cafes on Main Street. Le Petit Café Fleuri is a charming coffee shop in Eastside Marketplace serving up delicious treats to accompany your cappuccino. Get away from the regular crowd with a trip down Troy Road, and experience French pastries like never before in this brightly lit, beautifully decorated coffee shop for world travelers. 
Check it out!

Try out these cool coffee shops near your new home base! And check out our blog for more ideas about how to spend your time in Moscow, Idaho.


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